Welcome Home, Rachel Augustine!

Initial notes:

This doll became mine after brief bartering and thirteen dollars at a flea market in downtown Salt Lake City, June 11,2017.

I mentally asked her for her name. I ‘felt’ her response: Rachel.

Her left leg is detached at the knee. All porcelain. About two and a half to three feet tall. Her eyes!

I glued her eyelashes back onto her left eyelid and cleaned off her face.

I carried her through the flea market. People thought she was a real child until they saw her eyes and then they gasped.

My brother and roommates think she’s creepy, tell me she’s haunted. No she isn’t. She’s just a regular doll with a pretty face.

A pen came out of the trash can. Roommate asked me how I was making it sound like she was breathing, but the sound she’s hearing is Rachel’s joints moving. Bisque rubbing against bisque, that’s all.

Full name: Rachel Meadow Augustine.

Odd-but-completely-explainable Occurrence on Day 1

Location: Home, my bedroom.

Was Rachel in the room: Yes

What happened: Heard a noise on the floor behind me. I turned around, saw a pen I had thrown away was on the ground. The trash bag is a shopping bag hanging from my doorknob to keep the dog out of the trash.

Why it isn’t a haunted occurrence: The trash was fairly full. There was about an inch between where the pen was in the bag and the top of the bag, so when I closed the door the pen could have shifted up an inch and over the side of the plastic bag.

Further notes made a few days later:

She was sitting on the ground, propped up against a plastic milk crate filled with various items. I noticed her eyes first and her size second. The man selling her mentioned he thought she was worth “at least a hundred dollars”. He also mentioned that her left leg isn’t attached at the knee. She is made of either bisque or porcelain. No cloth body.

I told the man selling her that I had $13 in my wallet. Sold.




5 thoughts on “Welcome Home, Rachel Augustine!

  1. I have an uncle who bought some old photos at an antique store, brought them home, and hung them on the wall near his bathroom. Soon thereafter, the bathroom door would sometimes open and close by itself and the water faucet would turn itself on and off. When he removed the pictures, the incidents stopped. I mean, these things happen. I’m sure your doll isn’t haunted, though.

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