The Better To See You With, My Dear

She’s so pretty 🙂

Rachel 6.18 pt1

Roommate lost her eyeglasses. She’s like me and needs them all day so there are only two places she takes them off: shower and bed. We looked several times in both places. We even took turns looking. But you know how it goes, things get lost because they aren’t where we expect them to be, so she and I searched all over the house, even on the balcony. No stone left unturned!

Roommate was getting frustrated and then she gave my doll a weird look. She jokingly said we should ask Rachel for her glasses back. It was silly but why not? So we both asked Rachel if she knew where my roommate’s eyeglasses were. Then we laughed at ourselves for resorting to asking a doll.

About a minute later, roommate found them next to her bed. The same place she and I both looked a dozen times. Thanks Rachel, I said and roommate and I giggled, but I noticed my roommate gave the doll another weird look, which I don’t understand. The doll didn’t do anything, she was just sitting there.


All over the house

Was Rachel in the room:

Sometimes she was in the same room we were looking in, but usually not.

What happened:

Eyeglasses were misplaced.

Why it isn’t a haunted occurrence:

Things go missing and turn up in the same place we’ve searched all the time. Long before I brought my doll home.


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