No Such Thing As Silence

Initial notes:

I think there are traces of hysteria in this house lol

One roommate is acting like a fan…it’s weird and I don’t get it. She likes to coddle my doll, even went so far as to ask for her measurements. I asked why and roommate–let’s call her M– mentioned that she was going shopping and wanted to buy Rachel a new dress. A sweet sentiment to be sure, but unnecessary. What does a doll, a decoration, need with a new dress? M said something along the lines of “I think she’d really like one.”


The other roommate…since I have two I guess I need to star labeling them so you can know who I’m talking about, so we’ll call this one S…shared my sentiment that buying a doll new clothes was weird and totally not needed, but it’s M’s money so what do we care?

Anyway, a new dress for Rachel never happened so why am I even talking about it?…I don’t know. Anyway…

I overheard roommate S talking to one of her friends that she heard a voice coming from my room. She told her friend that it sounded like an old woman trying to talk like a child. S couldn’t make out any words because my door was closed and the swamp cooler was running.

Odd by Completely Explainable Occurrence, Day 35 (-ish)

Location: Home, my bedroom.

Was Rachel in the room: Yes

What happened: Roommate S claims she heard a voice coming from my bedroom that sounded like an old woman talking, only she was talking in a way that sounded like she was trying to sound like a child.

Why it isn’t a haunted occurrence: Ugh, so many things. We have one TV in this house (a rarity, I know) and it’s downstairs. Maybe the TV was on and that’s what she heard. Or someone’s computer was playing music or Netflix. I hear the neighbor’s stereo all the time! Seriously, there are a gazillion things that she could have heard.

Rachel with doll blog.jpg
Rachel got her own doll! A gift. Super cute and totally small. I think her name is Beatrice. 






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