After the Dream

I’ve made it pretty clear about how I feel towards Rachel Augustine being “haunted”. In short, I think it is hooey nonsense but something happened this morning that…I don’t know, I guess I just wanted to tell someone about. I had a nightmare early this morning. It was pretty brutal: violence and torture and terror. […]

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Rachel Travels

They try to scare me by moving her all around the house.

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Doll Hospitals

I’m pretty bummed that I can’t find a doll repair place for Rachel’s leg. Not in Salt Lake City or in Colorado Springs. 😦 I’ve checked google for instructions on how to reattach her leg but I didn’t find anything that helped. Poor Rachel is destined to be a one-legged girl forever it seems.

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The Video

I saved up a little money for home improvement repairs and stuff like that and wanted to show my parents a video of what everything looked like before because they live in Colorado so I thought it’d be nice to for them to see. I showed the video to my brother and he and our […]

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Welcome Home, Rachel Augustine!

Initial notes:

This doll became mine after brief bartering and thirteen dollars at a flea market in downtown Salt Lake City, June 11,2017.

I mentally asked her for her name. I ‘felt’ her response: Rachel.

Her left leg is detached at the knee. All porcelain. About two and a half to three feet tall. Her eyes!

I glued her eyelashes back onto her left eyelid and cleaned off her face.

I carried her through the flea market. People thought she was a real child until they saw her eyes and then they gasped.

My brother and roommates think she’s creepy, tell me she’s haunted. No she isn’t. She’s just a regular doll with a pretty face.

A pen came out of the trash can. Roommate asked me how I was making it sound like she was breathing, but the sound she’s hearing is Rachel’s joints moving. Bisque rubbing against bisque, that’s all.

Full name: Rachel Meadow Augustine.

Odd-but-completely-explainable Occurrence on Day 1

Location: Home, my bedroom.

Was Rachel in the room: Yes

What happened: Heard a noise on the floor behind me. I turned around, saw a pen I had thrown away was on the ground. The trash bag is a shopping bag hanging from my doorknob to keep the dog out of the trash.

Why it isn’t a haunted occurrence: The trash was fairly full. There was about an inch between where the pen was in the bag and the top of the bag, so when I closed the door the pen could have shifted up an inch and over the side of the plastic bag.

Further notes made a few days later:

She was sitting on the ground, propped up against a plastic milk crate filled with various items. I noticed her eyes first and her size second. The man selling her mentioned he thought she was worth “at least a hundred dollars”. He also mentioned that her left leg isn’t attached at the knee. She is made of either bisque or porcelain. No cloth body.

I told the man selling her that I had $13 in my wallet. Sold.



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